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revelation, not representation
January 1, 2014, 5:22 pm
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From Pavel Florensky, Beyond Vision: Essays on the Perception of Art

“Works of art differ from each other not because some are symbolic and others are ostensibly naturalistic, but because, since all are equally non-naturalistic, they are symbols of various aspects of an object, of various world perceptions, various levels of synthesis. Different methods of representation differ from each other, not as the object differs from its representation, but on the symbolic plane.”


“the task of painting is not to duplicate reality, but to give the most profound penetration of its architectonics, of its material, of its meaning.”


“He is an observer who brings nothing of his own to the world, who cannot even synthesize his own fragmentary impressions; who, since he does not enter into a living interaction with the world (…) is not aware of his own reality either, although in his proud seclusion from the world he imagines himself to be the last instance. Yet on the basis of his own furtive experience he constructs all of reality, all of it, on the pretext of objectivity, squeezing it into what he has observed of reality’s own differential.”


Excerpts taken from this essay by Aaron Tugendhaft


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