melting & burning

Aaron Zeitlin
May 18, 2014, 3:09 am
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Praise me, says God, and I will know that you love me.
Curse me, says God, and I will know that you love me.
Praise me or curse me
And I will know that you love me.

Sing out my graces, says God,
Raise your fist against me and revile, says God.
Sing out graces or revile,
Reviling is also a kind of praise,
says God.

But if you sit fenced off in your apathy,
says God,
If you sit entrenched in: “I don’t give a hang,” says God,
If you look at the stars and yawn,
If you see suffering and don’t cry out,
If you don’t praise and you don’t revile,
Then I created you in vain, says God.

– Aaron Zeitlin (1898-1973)

(original in Yiddish, i think)


Through a Glass Darkly, by Ingmar Bergman
January 30, 2011, 8:16 pm
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scene is called “Certainty achieved”
-Papa, I’m scared papa. When I sat holding Karin down there in the wreck reality burst open. Do you know what I mean?
-Yes I know.
-Reality…burst open… and I tumbled out. Almost like in a dream. Anything can happen papa. Anything.
-I know.
-I don’t think I can live in this new world papa.
-Yes you can, but you must have something to hold on to.
-Like what papa. God? Give me proof of that god? …you can’t.
-Yes I can. But you have to listen carefully.
-Yes, I need to listen.
-I can only give you a hint of my own hope. It’s knowing that love exists for real in the human world.

// I have omitted about 6 lines of dialogue

-So…so then love is a proof of god’s existence?
-I don’t know if love is the proof of god’s existence or whether love is god itself.
-For you…for you love and god are the same thing then?
-That thought helps my emptiness and my dirty despair.
-Tell me more, papa.
-Suddenly the emptiness turns into abundance, and despair into life. It’s like a reprieve, Minus, from a death sentence.